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Strategy has always been seen as a superior business, military and political discipline; the responsibility of only the most senior executives. We typically observe that companies’ carry out strategy on a day to day basis forming undocumented habits which create an unseen challenge to change and strategy execution.

There is a strong correlation between good planning and success in stable times but not in unstable times. Some studies suggest less than 60% success rate in stable times. So why do we still use essentially the same linear process that the gods of strategy moved on from 20 years ago? The reason is that strategy is designed to create stability and is used by most consultants to create the illusion of stability. However, what’s the point when we know we face almost eternal instability in markets, politics, technology and terrorism.

A new approach
LiveStrategy draws on ancient and modern strategic approaches from Zun Tzu (10,000 years BC) to the latest in complexity theory and the highest quality scenario planning (war gaming) from those with practical and theoretical knowledge of war and planning. At LiveStrategy effective strategy is about a pattern of actions and interactions over time, which in itself is a complex series of three-dimensional feedback loops. This becomes a learning process and with the benefit of market or situational constant analysis, insight, synthesis and agile leverage, a strategy emerges.

A living system it needs an equally dynamic team to lead, encourage, enforce and to be accountable for its choices. We believe teams and organisations must make sense of the past before they can hope to manage the future. Improving the team and organisational understanding of the patterns that form their own behaviours creates an understanding which enables your team to evolve their organisational potential.

LiveStrategy’s approach allows you to focus on what works for your organisation and the things you can do quickly.

The Team

Paul Winter
Andrew Crowley
Suzanne Hounslow
Chris Paton
Tim Lyle
Martin Gammon
Lucy Close
Steve Shaw