A fascinating debate this morning hosted by The MCA with Tony Danker from Be The Business, Yael Sefin, Chief Economist at KPMG and Angus Knowles-Cutler, Vice Chairman, Deloitte. From the challenges that management consulting faces in switching the debate from macro level to firm level productivity, improved clarity on business level productivity metrics alongside long-term health metrics, to the slow level of tech adoption, tech ROI and lack of agility in the corporate digital mindset.

As the transactional superpowers set out their stall to compete with organisations that retain superlative standards of human value-add, how should consulting genuinely support clients in driving higher levels of productivity, irrespective of sector?

Our favoured approach, the gain/share model where consultants genuinely have skin in the game for performance transformation, was not discussed. The foundations for this model lie at the heart of modern client service excellence – high levels of trust, collaborative creativity but above all a shared objective of performance improvement based on a co-owned outcome based KPI.

It’s the commitment to a holistic approach to business performance transformation or improvement that surely must lie at the heart of our orientation to client engagement going forward.

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