Andrew Crowley – Equity Partner, LiveStrategy
19th February 2019
I am delighted to announce that Andrew Crowley has joined LiveStrategy as an Equity Partner. Andrew has been on my target list to join the Home team for some time now and I am looking forward to the additional energy and insights he will bring ...
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The UK’s productivity crisis – what must be done?
4th October 2018
A fascinating debate this morning hosted by The MCA with Tony Danker from Be The Business, Yael Sefin, Chief Economist at KPMG and Angus Knowles-Cutler, Vice Chairman, Deloitte. From the challenges that management consulting faces in switching ...
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The Challenge of Building Strategy in a Dynamic World and the Importance of High Productivity
23rd February 2018
Kurban Kassam, award-winning film producer (The Party 2017), interviews Paul Winter about his new model for business strategy and its contribution towards greater productivity. This 3.5 minute video is high quality, we suggest you use headphones.
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Working from Anywhere
22nd February 2018
We have recently adopted a fresh approach to flexible/remote working. It is our commitment to provide flexibility for you in your daily working life and increase productivity for the business. The fundamentals are the employee gets the ...
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Closing The Productivity Gap – creating a passion for high performing, high productivity business
25th January 2018
Paul Winter discusses creating a passion for high performing, high productivity business in the latest article from the Management Consultancies Association.
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Institutional Change – The Drawbacks of Thinking Typically
7th September 2017
The rapid modernisation, digitisation, and globalisation of commercial organisations is dramatically out pacing that of the institutions that have hitherto supported them and provided a layer of governance and ethics. This poses a huge problems ...
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LiveStrategy’s Consulting Excellence Declaration
22nd March 2017
The Management Consultancies Association Consulting Excellence Declaration has become synonymous with high quality for management consulting firms and serves as a strong signal to the market. It supports client firms in identifying consultants ...
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LiveStrategy CEO Paul Winter on The Challenge of Creating High Productivity
4th November 2016
A couple of years ago, I started a blog for people interested in lessons learned from sport and their application to business. Then along came the Rugby World Cup and stole the show with comments aimed at England for the lack of team unity and ...
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Business must play the cards they have been dealt
8th August 2016
“Business must play the cards they have been dealt rather than lament the absence of a better hand” said Roger Cass, Chair of BAE in response to the fall out following Brexit. The LiveStrategy business models and culture are designed to help us ...
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Consulting Excellence is exclusive to MCA member firms
1st August 2016
We are totally committed and have been involved in helping to develop Commercial Excellence. Consulting Excellence is exclusive to MCA member firms and is a new scheme designed for consulting firms and their clients. Consulting Excellence is a ...
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Former MCA President, Paul Winter, reflects on his first days in consulting and the future of the industry
14th July 2016
Former MCA President Paul Winter, Founder of Live Strategy, remembers his first day as a young consultant. “There were lots of grownups in the room. They seemed to have set ways of doing things and weren’t always listening to the client or ...
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